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Nami Therapeutics Corp (’Nami’) is a startup company based in Storrs, CT and currently participating in the Technology Incubation Program at the University of Connecticut. Nami is developing specifically designed nanoparticles for the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents, including radio-therapeutics, to tumors. Nami is using technologies licensed from the University of Connecticut and the University of North Carolina. The mission of Nami is to provide early, recurrent and late-stage cancer patients another chance for a cancer-free life. The current focus is to treat advanced ovarian cancer using tumor-specific delivery of radioisotope loaded nanoparticles. Nami is translating its nanotechnology-based products to the clinical trial stage by demonstrating their efficacy in preclinical models, and by completing IND enabling activities such as manufacturing process development (CMC) and safety/toxicity assessments.View More  

We welcome passionate individuals and specialty professionals to join our team.